President “Zero”

     No new frills in the latest from President Zero. Just when his leadership and inability to change direction becomes increasingly boring and the country sweats from increased regulations that has brought us to a Holt. Not much is moving in a very starved country for just about anything new from this administration. A strangle hold of health regulations and cost looms over industry. Everything was working good for those employed. How much more can you give those unemployed on the backs of those employed is the question. So now we are in limbo until we elect someone else that will remove the foot off our throat as President Zero is inept to do so. I hope the soup line and forrest do not increase with people run amuck with this anti American leadership. Many will claim this isn’t so but there’s little help for those looking for a bailout or employed by the government. Union’s always throw a fit when their standard of living meets with the rest of us on a lower step. We might have a higher standard of living if it wasn’t for a few.  There is a glimmer of hope if it doesn’t fade and that’s Marko Rubio from Florida. I believe in God, Liberty and Country. I hope we pull up from this nose dive but it’s not looking good. With God’s help or God’s speed, I will settle for either.


About saddlebum 1

I travel, garden, explore and raise four pound ankle biters. I fish, boat and like two wheels with the wind in my hair. I like to travel somewhere new to eat breakfast.
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